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Between the two of us, we've got over 20 years experience as California Notaries Public and 15 as Professional Loan Signing Agents. Cassie is located in Orange County and can easily commute to Los Angeles and greater San Diego. Kelly is in the Inland Empire, close to North County San Diego and San Bernardino Counties. Our Headquarters location
is in beautiful wine country, Riverside County Temecula.

Both of us teach the Mandatory California 6-hour Notary Public Education Course and AP Certification for Professional Loan Signers for We've mentored many successful Loan Signing Agents and look forward to discussing your particular needs with you so that you can be successful too!

The selection criteria for our Coaches is very rigid and we've chosen only the best of the best!  Our Mission Statement is, "Professionalism and Integrity in All we Do" and our Coaches are what makes LS101 Successful.  Take a look at their impressive credentials and experience. 

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Loan Signer 101
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