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" The best part is being able to call
one of the coaches"... "They're always available and respond immediately."
Mitzi Turner

"Myra is a great Coach, very thorough ... I had a fantastic experience and learned a lot of valuable information"
Melanie Fraser


 " It means a lot to get advice from someone who's been in the business and knows what they're doing. 
You've  helped us avoid making some mistakes that other notaries make when just starting out"
X and K Johnson
Mesa, AZ






".. I have to say you (Kelly) are one of the best notaries I have ever dealt with. I only wish my clients had a professional and knowledgeable signing expert with them every time I had a signing...
Thank you immensely!"
Michael Koran, Regional Manager
Twin Capital Mortgage




"You gave me a world of
information and since we talked,
I've had two signings, another
scheduled for tomorrow and I feel like
I am on cloud 9 " Peggy Friedman

Understanding that everyone is different and has individual time-lines, desires and goals, we offer a variety of Services to fit your individual or company's needs. Think about where you are now, what you want and where you want to go, and take a look at the following opportunities and products.

One-Time "Live" Loan Signing Experience
If you feel you're ready to start signing but just need a One-Time "Live" Loan Signing Experience, this is for you! You will accompany a Professional Loan Signing Agent on a real loan signing and then meet afterwards to go over the presentation and journal entries plus discuss any questions that come to mind. You will be confident on your next (or perhaps first!) Loan Signing. Knowing that your first loan signing experiences will be very stressful, we will also be available to answer any questions you have at the table for your next/first signing -- we know that support is critical! This choice is best for those who already have completed a loan signing seminar and are confident and/or who have a background in the Lending or Real Estate industry.

"Mock" Loan Signing Experience/Consultation
If you would rather meet with a Coach right away versus waiting for a Ride-Along opportunity, we can make arrangements for a "mock" loan signing. The Coach will bring a faux set of loan docs (refi) complete with the Settlement Statement and disclosures from escrow. You'll be shown how to ID your customer properly, load your journal and present the docs using our, "First Five" system that gets you in and out of your signing quickly without compromising professionalism or customer courtesy.

We can also meet to discuss other topics of interest or concern such as your marketing strategy, a review of your profile(s) and business card, suggested sites to list yourself on, ways to increase your business and loan signing experience, plus we'll take a look at your website and provide recommendations for words/phrases that will bring you business. If you're open to success,  Get Started Here

Telephone Coaching/Consultation:
Want to ask questions, clear up some confusion or just pick our brain? No problem! By appointment only with a block of time set aside exclusively for you; just let us know what your schedule is like and we'll work out a time to speak, interruption-free. More Information

Edocs Download
Allow us to show you how easy this really is! We'll start from accepting the referral (job) to downloading & saving viewer software. We then continue all the way through the actual download and print. A Coach will assist you regarding equipment needs and recommendations so you'll be confident on your own and can advertise that you "accept edocs", a great way to make more money, especially in today's aggressive market.

Resources on the Web
This document can save you literally weeks and weeks of time.  Our comprehensive listing with "live" links offers just about every site you can imagine that has anything to do with anything in our industry: You'll see popular sites to list your loan signing business on, sites with chat/message boards, sites to help you get started, and list of many sites that offer free resources. This listing is updated frequently and is a bargain at $15.75.


Now an Authorized Distributor of the CleanPrint Journal!

This is The Best Journal that every serious and Professional Loan Signing Agent should be using! New technology, not available with any other journal, called, "CleanPrint" utilizes a totally clear, inkless pad which is included with all journal purchases. Available in Soft and Hard Bound, quality materials, invented by a first-class company. This journal beats anything available today; it's clean & fresh and has a simple design that is California compliant because experienced Signing Agents assisted the inventor in
its' design. The journal holds almost 500 entries and the thumbprinter can
be opened with one hand and does not dry out over time. We're excited to be a part of this innovative product!

Escrow/Title/Lender Services
We recognize that companies in the lending industry prefer to use in-house/employee notaries and supervisors are far too busy to train them. We're here to help! If you have one or several employees who must know how to properly present loan documents to your clients for a successful signing, you've come to the right place. We can start with an individual who is or is not a commissioned Notary Public -- we'll tailor the instruction to suit the needs of the office and individual and if you're in a hurry, we can get started today. On-Site Instruction is available. We are happy to come to you! Discounts are offered, of course, for volume.

Are you a Licensed Real Estate Agent or Loan Officer who wants to increase your income?  Shoot us an email and a partner will contact you right away.

Premier 30/30 Coaching Plan
As you've probably discovered, there is so much to learn about loan signing! Perhaps you've decided this is what you want to do but you just don't know where to start, or, you don't want to take the time (or don't have the time) to perform the research needed regarding equipment purchase, marketing strategies, proper notarial procedures, etc.

It doesn't matter if you're the type that needs a little "hand-holding" or one that just wants to "get to it" and bypass all the minutia. This is the Service you will want to select and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. After a Free Assessment of your particular needs and desires, if you are accepted into the program here's a brief description of what you will get:

1) 30 days of One-on-One Coaching with a guarantee of exposure to at least 4 refi's and 2 Helocs and/or Second TD's (you will sit in on/experience at least 6 live loan signings)
2) Detailed instruction on ID, how to properly complete your journal entries and how to properly complete each notarial act
3) Notary Supplies to get you started! (journal, thumbprinter, Jurat Stamp & Ack Pads)
4) Ideas on Successful Marketing
6) Proper Equipment Recommendations
7) Unlimited emails
8) Limited phone calls
9) A List of signing companies that are actively recruiting new signing agents
10) 30-days of Follow-up support included at no extra charge!

Long Distance Learning
Don't let distance be a barrier! We can provide coaching and support by telephone and email. Contact us and we'll figure out how we can assist you in your goals

Mandatory Notary Public Education & Loan Signer Certification
and Supplies

We can point you in the right direction no matter if you want to become a Commissioned California Notary Public and/or a Certified Loan Signer if you're already Commissioned. From your Class(s) to your Seal, we've got your covered!

Special Needs
Recognizing that we are all individuals and someone may have special needs or a time-frame that does not have much flexibility, all that's needed is an email or call to us for nothing but an honest reply. Let us know how we can assist you in your goals.
Expert Testimony/Witness Services
Professional Court Services are available - please contact us for discussion/info

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