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We're proud of our Team!  All of our Partner Coaches have been hand-picked, successfully meeting a very rigid selection criteria.  They are well-known industry leaders, most have advanced education, some are instructors, and you may recognize a couple that are published authors.  All of our Partner Coaches have been Certified by LS101 and are authorized the designation of
Loan Signing Agent Coach (LSAC).  All Coaches are Professional,  Full-TimeLoan Signers, available for referral.


Cassandra Mason is our most-seasoned Coach, working Full-Time as a Loan Signing Agent primarily in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. Signing just about every type of loan product out there, Cassie is the preferred agent for many title and escrow companies and popular loan originators due to her attention-to-detail, professionalism and the personal touch she brings to the table.  With a solid background in signing and experience as a popular Instructor,  Cassandra found her her niche and now diversifies her income by providing Coordination & Transaction Services for several busy Real Estate professionals throughout Southern California.  She also works frequently with Estate Planning Attorneys, notarizing Trusts & Wills and again, is asked for by name due to a positive reputation in the industry. Cassandra is an excellent example to follow,  managing to nurture a successful business while raising two teenagers by herself, always making time for what's most important. Cassandra is an amazing individual!   She is available for Loan Signings
7-days a week and can be reached by cell at
(714) 330-9105 or by email  E-DOCS and last-minute assignments are Cassie's specialty.

Angela's been a  California Loan Signer since 1997 and works primarily with Escrow and Title, however maintains a positive working relationship with some of the few, really good signing companies.  She serves all of San Bernardino & Riverside Counties to include the high desert communities and welcomes edocs & same-day appointments.  Angela's also a Leader with Mary Kay and promotes the fact that "image" is a very important part of our business.  Angie reminds us that a sharp Loan Officer will call their client and check up on you!  "Looking your best along with proper attire is paramount, and very often, the notary forgets about the impression they are leaving with the client, representing the transaction as a whole".  If you're interested in making more money by improving your look, email Angie at and type in LS101 in the Subject field.  You can also visit Angela's Signing Agent website at or you can email her at 

Connie brings 6 years of experience signing loans Full-Time. She is an instructor for, teaching both the Mandatory 6-hour Education for Notaries Public and AP Certification for Loan Signing Agents. Connie has mentored several successful signing agents and specializes in working with local Title & Escrow companies. She serves the Temecula Valley/Greater Inland Empire and can be reached by email at or cell (951) 852-6474.

June Naemi is our Primary Coach for San Diego County.  She's a perfect example of a Successful Signing Agent for any mom-at-home, proof-positive that hard work will get you everywhere.  June is well-known in the industry, specializing in edocs and last-minute assignments.  She can be reached by cell at (619) 994-4138 or email:

Terri is a Full-Time Certified Loan Signing Agent and also an instructor for has been a Notary for over 5 years and began her CNSA career working part-time. After only 18 months, Terri was able to quit her day-job and pursue her goal of signing loans exclusively. She serves the entire Antelope Valley, Northern Los Angeles County, Santa Claritas Valley, parts of Kern and San Bernardino Counties. She can be reached via e-mail at or by phone (661) 645-2556. Check out Terri's website at

Myra Kosak brings 16-years of experience as a legal secretary specializing in real estate law, setting the foundation for her success as a Certified Signing Agent.  Without a doubt, it is Myra's professionalism and
personality that sets her apart from many of her San Diego counterparts. Her infectious enthusiasm for this business has been an inspiration to many, so much so that several of her friends & family members have also earned their notary commission and gone on to become Certified Loan Signing
Agents.   Recognizing the impact that Myra's positive attitude has on those around her, was able to successfully recruit Myra to Coach for us and we are proud that she's a part of our Team.  We are confident that Myra's passion and enthusiasm will impact her students positively so that they too can move forward in their own successes. Myra Kosak serves all of the greater San Diego areas and beyond, and can becontacted via email at or by phone (619) 920-8003.

Working 50 hours a week just wasn't for Susan Lewis.  Once she decided the time was right,  Sue launched "Heritage Notary" and it wasn't long before she was a busy and successful Full-Time Signing Agent.  Susan is well-know in the industry, having mentored many friends and family, committed to her adopted philosophy of "paying it forward".  Her reputation of providing kind, reliable and detailed service means she is the favorite agent often called first by her clients - many local Title & Escrow companies, direct Lenders/Brokers & reputable Signing Services.  Susan Specializes in Reverse Mortgages and traveling notary calls, always giving Seniors the special time and attention they deserve.  Service area is all of Ventura County as well as the Western end  of  Los Angeles County.  Susan's cell is (805) 857-0006. Check out her website at or email her at  

Kate takes care of the "business end" of LS101 by paying our bills, balancing our accounts, telling us when we are being stupid, and helping us with our promotional materials and press releases. She's currently in her 3rd year of college and successfully combines that with work in at located in Huntington Beach, California.

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