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" I was nervous... but the
ride-along helped clear up questions and relieved my anxiety about presenting docs" ... "This
was a great investment!"
Mitzi Turner, California

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Notary & Loan Signing Agent Workshop:

Practice the Skills you Learned in Class at our Workshop!

Go Beyond the Classroom and actually Use Your Notary Tools (or faux tools) to Practice everything you've learned about in lecture: ID, Credible Witnesses, Journal Entries, Common Notarizations, Deed in Trust, POA, Single Signer, Split Signing, Multiple Signers and how to atch a Loose Certificate properly. You'll also find out why many Notaries use an Embosser, what to do when the notarial verbiage is not correct or legal, and you'll learn the "First Five Method TM, the Right Way to present any set of loan docs to your clients. Your instructor will
also tell you what to say when your clients start to ask questions at the signing table and each student will go home with a workbook full of examples that they completed that can be referred to again and again. *This is an All-Day, Hands-On Workshop*

See what our students are saying!

We're scheduling classes now through Summer 2007 in Costa Mesa, Orange/Anaheim, LAX area, San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino and Carlsbad. Want another location and/or more info? Email

LoanSigner101 caters to anyone who wants to Get Right Down To Business.

Are you an Independent Loan Signer who has questions and needs some One-on-One Training or Coaching?  How about a busy Escrow Officer that doesn't have the time to train your staff on how to properly present loan docs to your clients?  Or maybe you're a Licensed Real Estate Agent or Loan Officer who wants to increase your income?  If you're ready to move forward, check out our Services Menu.

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We agree that the market for Loan Signing Agents can be competitive and in some areas, downright saturated.  However, we know that the "right" person can overcome these obstacles as long as they have the proper equipment, a job or money in the bank to sustain them self financially for at least a year, a solid drive to succeed and commitment toward their goal.  Hard work and the right attitude, along with a "niche" and some "juice" in your marketing plan will get you everywhere in this business!  You must figure out why a potential client needs to call you before another signing agent in your area that is already established and perhaps, more experienced.  The facts-of-the-matter are clear:  Many students just won't perform the work to build their client base and will give up within a year;  others can't afford to pursue the goal; many are not people-oriented so by default, will not succeed and any old-timer in the industry will tell you simply that not everyone is cut out for the job of Loan Signing Agent.  If you're a Notary Public who's completed a Loan Signing Certification Course,  and want to go "beyond the classroom" for some consultation or one-on-one training, take a minute and complete

We understand that no one wants to Train their Competition. Here's the story
we hear every day: " I thought being a Loan Signing Agent would be the perfect
job for me; flexible hours, great money and a friend who's a realtor told me he'd use me a lot. So I took a class and passed the Notary exam and even took a
Loan Signing
Certification Course. I bought a new computer and all the equipment but really don't know where to start. I'm afraid to sign my first loan and I can't find anyone to mentor me!" Sound familiar? Shoot us an email and we'll figure out what you need to do next.


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